She came into my life just like a typhoon, grabbing me by the hair and throwing it all into the air, spinning and swirling and bumping me into the walls. And then I hit the center and floating among the chaos we were happy. Chairs, cars, houses flew by, a occasional corpse still screaming and flaying. I was too transfixed by her smile in my lips to notice the devastation as I should have. If I had I might have prepared myself for the fall that was about to come.

I shrugged off all the signs, the long black dresses, the long black hair, the black cat, the black cauldron. Sure, she was eccentric but then again, wasn’t I as well? Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself.

It must have been mid-November, I think. I remember waking up in the middle of the night at her place and she wasn’t in bed with me. So I got up and went searching but couldn’t find her and went back to bed, assuming she had gone to the bathroom or something. A bit after I heard the window open, steps, the window closing. I was completely certain that no door opened and when I took a peek I saw a shadow of a woman holding a broom. I dismissed it as a dream and went to sleep. Next morning she was there, next to me, so I asked where had she gone during the night but she shook her head and said something like “only to the bathroom”. I forgot that for a while and only after... There I am, moving ahead before time. December came and with it, the cold finally came too.

It was mid-month and we had agreed to meet at her place, and I had a chance to leave earlier from work so I decided to surprise her by arriving before. As I was getting there I saw someone leave her building, a shadowy figure that was carrying in his hands a potion bottle, like the ones in computer games. I shrugged it off, again, and went inside. As I reached her floor I knocked on the door and she came to the door. Seeing me she smiled half-sideways, and said, “oh, wait just a second, I’m gonna get dressed because I have to go shopping.” and closed the door on me. I heard the sound of something big being dragged, something like pans and pots being hurriedly stuck inside a closet and a bit later she met me outside. I was going to ask something but gave up on it, I’d be going to her place after so I’d see with my own eyes.

I never got to go back to her place. She dumped me on the checkout line, with some lame excuse about “not feeling ready” but I knew right then that something else was wrong. So I started stalking her, just a tiny bit, I mean, I’m not one of those crazy persons. I would just sit nearby and kept looking at her window. Once, midnight and full moon, I was nearly falling asleep there, considering calling it a day, when I saw it : her window opening and a woman-shaped shadow flying away in a broom.


So yeah, I’m pretty sure she was a witch. That would explain so much.