agh burzum-ishi krimpatul
agh burzum-ishi krimpatul


-”What do you mean ‘it’s obvious’?”

-”I never said that!”

-”No, but you did think it.”

-”How?! Oh, so..”

-”Yes, it is true. So what do you mean?”

-”Well, if they go that way, they’ll meet the enemy faster and.. No, sorry, just read it in my mind and tell me instead...”


-”Actually, since ever. But I only trained it enough to be able of doing this past month.”

-”Oh, that symposium?”

-”Yeah. It wasn’t a symposium on the sexual repression of small mammals. Sorry to have lied to you?”


-”I.. Don’t think that was the worse lie you told me...”

-”WHAT?! No, that much was true, I do love you.”

-”Then.. How, why..”

-”I had to. I only got permission to talk about it with you today because of the attack.”


-”The attack! I was forgetting that.”

-”Don’t worry, I currently coordinating the defenses. We have at least another half an hour until they can get this close.”


-”Oh. Wait, you can send thoughts too?”

-”Only to someone whit the same... Abilities.”

-”There are others. Of course, else you wouldn’t have been trained.”



-”Not quite. Private company with DARPA funds.”

-”Hum. Should you be telling me all of this?”

-”I have been authorized to do so, yes.”

-”So... Are there other... Abilities?”


-”What’s that look?”

-”I got a.. Strange reply. Yes, there are different abilities.”

-”And you are part of a team of misfit teenagers with powers fighting for the sake of mankind?”


-”No. We are not the x-men. Or the avengers or whatever other group you might be thinking off.”

-”Then... What are you a part off?”

-”I told you just now, a non-gov DARPA sponsored program. That is currently in the middle of it’s first ever operation.”


-”And this operation... Who are we being attacked by?”


-”You do know that, even without mind reading, I can very well tell when you are lying right?”


-”I do, sorry. Wanted to lighten up the air since what I am about to say is not a lie and not good either. They have broken through our defenses.”

-”Oh fuck. What do we do?”

-”Grab a gun. Follow my lead.”


-”Quick, let’s meet them on hall 5"

-”Let’s go.”


-”What what?”

-”Just got a stupid order. ‘sec.”

-”Okay.. You look scary doing that face.”



-”FUCK. Let’s go.”

-”Wait, hall 5 is the other way.”


-”I follow.”

-”And be quiet now. Don’t think of anything.”

-”How do I do that?”


-”Sorry.. I’ll.. Try?”

-”Never mind. Think of running down to hall 5!”

-”But we aren’t”

-”Just do it!”

-”Ok ok”


-”So now what?”

-”Turn left he...Oh fuck, run back!”



-”Oh come on! What’s going on?”



-”NO! My love, no no no no”

-”I.. Don’t... Think.. I’l..”

-”Shh, don’t speak, let me look at it.”

-”hum. What..”

-”Don’t worry it’s not so bad, you’ll live through this!”

-”You.. Still. Can’t. Lie. To. Me.”

-”I’m sorry... They... There is no enemy.”


-”It was a trap to kill you. They can’t allow anyone to know.”


-”Yes, but they knew I’d tell you. They can see what comes after.”

-”Hun... “

-”There, don’t speak my love. Just... Let me hold you one more time and kiss you one last time.”



-”Don’t care about the blood.”

-”Lov... Y..”

-”And I loved you too...”

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